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What’s new?

Many new things are happening in Paleolochic: New website, new products and new designs. This season is full of inspiration with a Mediterranean style!

This summer we’ve been working very hard on our new website, in Majorca was extremely hot but instead of lying on the beach we were deciding, deleting, typing, typing off, dreaming and back again…was exhausting but the hard work seems to finally pay of.

We’ve also being creating and projecting new products to suit our customer’s needs.


So, what’s new for the upcoming season?
First of all, our website which we are very proud of it, and we hope you like too?


Secondly we are introducing a new material to our baskets and bowls housewares: jute. At the moment we created some versatile trays which are sturdy enough to hold drinks or a hot tea pot with a simple but modern design in a range of colours.


The “Duet” pots are made of a mixture of materials that blend elegantly in any home and that will add a warm Mediterranean feel to any space.


Last but not least our first line of fabric with two timeless designs in six different colours; geometric designs inspired by the shadows that the sun reflect through blinds or trees.
Textile designs with a Mediterranean style and a Scandinavian touch.


These cushions will be sold exclusively on Paleolochic’s online shop and Boutiquers until February 2016

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