Mapa de stockits


Paleolochic stocks its fresh, simple and colourful collections in stores all over the world. If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please contact us for a pricelist and a quote.


Hito, Mallorca

Rialto Living, Mallorca

Teixits Vicens, Mallorca

Herbes i Paraules, Mallorca

Deguayhaus, Mallorca

Es Bolic, Mallorca

Rughara, Madrid

Magnesia, Barcelona

Xiringuito Escribà, Barcelona

Vaidhé, Pontevedra

United Kingdom

Twenty Twenty one, London

The oystercatcher, Devon

The Shop next door, Rye

Vanil, Suffolk

Hopscotch, London

Bluesuntree, Leicester

Caro Somerset

Lassco, London

Minor Goods

Cotton & Pearl

The Future Artifact Collection, London


Silo Store, Berlin


Les Fleurs, Paris

Hype Designers, Paris

The Netherlands

Projectsis, Hague

Australia & New Zealand

Flock, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Little Tin, Perth


Clic Gallery Store, New York

Flock a knit shop, Nantucket

Kiko, Kappa Hawaii

[shop]Whistle, San Francisco

VeeCaravan, Texas

Wolves within, New York

Every nook and granny, Florida

Carthage Antiquarium, Missouri

Muse, Fairfax

Sapphire Pear, Ohio

Blacksmith & Co, Illinois


Bleuceleste, Leuven


Manga Cowboy, Budapest