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Taking the office to a cafe in Palma

In today’s post I like to recommend you three of my favourites places where I take my office and escape from my daily workshop routines.

The Mediterranean lifestyle nurtures and inspires my designs but sometimes we don’t enjoy it as much because of the intense work at the workshop, which is why I try to find ways to break that cycle and take the office work some where else.

In the island of Mallorca and the city of Palma, where the climate and the sun brings us joy and delight, is easy to feel the urge to go outside and enjoy the good weather. For the ones who are lucky enough to organize our job schedule freely and take work, for good or for worst, to wherever we want, Palma offers us a wide options of coffee shops and bars where to install our office and do all our computer or paper and pencil tasks.

In today’s post I like to recommend you three of my favourites places where I escape from my  daily workshop routines:

The Room


The Room is located in the famous neighbourhood of Santa Catalina, its a bar-restaurant with a quirky and relaxed decoration and thanks to their comfortable and big wooden tables makes a great place where to take your office. They open quite early and if your work tasks seem to never end you can stay and have a delicious lunch mostly made with ecological ingredients.



Café Riu Tort


Café Riu tort its placed in Carmen St. in the neighbourhood of La Mission, a coffee shop served by their young owners which they put a lot of effort and care on every detail.

Without any fuss and in a very calm atmosphere they served simple breakfasts of great quality.


Rialto Living café


Some other times, when I am in the search of inspiration and I need to see beautiful home décor, I head to Rialto Living. After having a stroll through the boutique I seat in some of the comfortable rattan chairs of the coffee shop which, thanks to the wide crystal skylight, flood with light the exquisitely decorated relaxed atmosphere.


So now back to work with a tasty cup of coffee!!

See you soon, hopefully in some of our offices.

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