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Mallorca, beautiful island

A little peek on how is life in this Mediterranean island!

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Majorca, Mediterranean island, is full of small villages, paths, orchards, fruit trees, paradise beaches, mountain ranges and many other details that make it so particular and unique. Each part of it opens up spectacularly as if we were looking through a peephole.


Foto: Es Capdella


There are places that, even when we repeat them, show us another face, another wink. It can be attributed to the fact that the seasons change, that in autumn and winter the reflection of the sun in that window, framed by a bouganville, that months later in spring and summer will give us an explosion of color, gives us the sensation of a tale …

(Foto: Fornalutx)

… you can also blame those impossible blue shades that overwhelm us every time we approach the sea, in summer our way to it is accompanied by the, almost, deafening cicadas that indicate that it is very hot, as if we had not noticed it already.


(Foto: Son Serra de Marina)

Each visit is unique, there is always something new to discover, the villages are quiet, this year much more, but their inhabitants do not stop lovingly caring of each details in their daily life with simplicity, respecting their origins and open to the future.


(Foto: Palma)

(Foto: Cerca de Lluc, creo)

(Foto: Soller is the place!)

Mallorca is a world within the world, a generous island that has it all and has it for everyone, for all those who respect it, love it, for those who marvel at its natural beauty that leaves us, almost, in a psychedelic state. .


(Foto: Sa Foradada)

… It also gives us a feast of food to taste on our journey, local and quality products arranged in bowls, baskets, dishes and fabrics made by hand on the island.


(Foto: Pollença, mi casa, Mercat de l’Olivar)

(Santa María del Camí, Foto de IG de Teixits Vicens, Mercado de pueblo)


I hope you enjoyed this glimpse about the island… BTW all the photographs are made by me except the ones specifically mentioned.

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