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Expectant autumn!

Autumn is the season were everything "falls"into place! In Paleolochic we are getting ready for a big jump and our designs are slowly taking form.

Summer gradually gives way to autumn and my mind is transported to the dry leaves that fall, the desert and its haunting serenity and the Mediterranean Sea and it’s well deserved peace.

Its time for projecting!

Autumn is one of Paleolochic favourite seasons, still with some sand on our feet we make a balance of a hot summer, in which our products have travelled around the world carrying the Mediterranean breeze with simple and fresh combinations.


Paleolochic autumn comes with our first line of textile designs printed on linen, which we will apply, as usual, to cushions that will give your favorite nook a Mediterranean style with a Scandinavian touch.


It is also the season where we begin to give life and form to new products for the next spring-summer 2016 that we are sure will surprise you!


It’s time to enjoy your home, autumn is here!


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