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Cord ,ropes and Majorca!

Majorca has a great tradition of rope and cord making, The marine inspiration its splashed everywhere, and helps me tell my own particular story.

In an island like Majorca it’s impossible to don’t be inspired by the marine elements that lay around everywhere. In this occasion, and couldn’t be otherwise, rope, cords and fishing nets quickly get my attention in my daily strolls around Palma de Majorca’s port which is just at walking distance from the old city.


Before the city walls where taken down, around 1902-1940, the “cordeleros” use to make the rope, that after was going to be used for all sort of things, right outside those walls. There are a lot of photographs that tell us how this artisan job was done.


Also the fishermen’s used to place on a nearby spot their nets to dry and fix all the broken holes made on that early morning catch. It’s curious to see that nowadays they still place the nets in the same place and for the same reason although the city landscape has totally changed.


Little of all these crafts and crafters are left these days but walking by the busy port I can imagine, romantically, those days where life was slow.




All the black and white antique photos were kindly provided by FAM (Fotos Antiguas de Mallorca)

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