14/07/2020 | Inspiration

*At the end of the post you will find a way to say thank you for your support. Majorca, Mediterranean island, is full of small villages, paths, orchards, fruit trees, paradise beaches, mountain ranges and many other details that make it so particular and unique. Each part of it opens up spectacularly as if we […]

otoño paleolochic
25/10/2017 | Inspiration

Autumn it’s a season of comforting inspiration. A moment of change, of letting go and give way to the new.

26/02/2017 | In the studio

The Mediterranean lifestyle nurtures and inspires my designs but sometimes we don’t enjoy it as much because of the intense work at the workshop, which is why I try to find ways to break that cycle and take the office work some where else. In the island of Mallorca and the city of Palma, where […]

25/11/2016 | Inspiration

For this holiday season we have selected some of our favourite’s items for the home, to entertain, for her, etc from different makers, designers and shops around the world. We know how difficult is sometimes to get that special something in the Christmas frenzy, so that is why we want to give you a hand […]

21/10/2016 | In the studio

Today I want to show you my workshop studio, where I design, make and create every collection of Paleolochic. Most of the times there is a controlled mess space but some others I have the urge to tidy up to start the creative process all over again, like a white canvas ready to be painted. […]

estilo escandinavo mediterráneo
21/10/2015 | Events

This summer we’ve been working very hard on our new website, in Majorca was extremely hot but instead of lying on the beach we were deciding, deleting, typing, typing off, dreaming and back again…was exhausting but the hard work seems to finally pay of. We’ve also being creating and projecting new products to suit our […]

20/10/2015 | Inspiration

In an island like Majorca it’s impossible to don’t be inspired by the marine elements that lay around everywhere. In this occasion, and couldn’t be otherwise, rope, cords and fishing nets quickly get my attention in my daily strolls around Palma de Majorca’s port which is just at walking distance from the old city. Before […]

24/09/2015 | In the studio

Summer gradually gives way to autumn and my mind is transported to the dry leaves that fall, the desert and its haunting serenity and the Mediterranean Sea and it’s well deserved peace. Its time for projecting! Autumn is one of Paleolochic favourite seasons, still with some sand on our feet we make a balance of […]