Moira Nelson Paleolochic

About us

“The roads are never straight if we know where we are going”

What it is Paleolochic?

Paleolochic its the need to create, its the need to come into your life with the cool breeze of the Mediterranean, full of colour and relaxed textile designs, Paleolochic is design but also nature, is a summer afternoon lying on the grass. Paleolochic are simple shapes but with a lot of character, we like to mix rustic materials with modern ones. It’s a brand from today that holds on tradition and mix it freely.

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with your environment, that your decoration is completed with fabrics and textile accessories that are easy to renovate and stay true to your style, timeless and fun designs that gives you the freedom to change, transform your relaxing area, your living room, your office, etc. and offer you a fresh balance that you will want to share with friends and family or enjoy quietly.

Who is behind Paleolochic?

I, Moira Neilson, ‘am the person behind each design of Paleolochic, the creative engine of the brand. From my studio-workshop in the island of Majorca I design collections intrinsically linked to the land where I live, collections full of details from the path that led me to this corner of the Mediterranean. I’ve born in Canada, grew up in Argentina and since 1997 I’ve lived in London and Barcelona where I have develop the skills and knowledge in art and design. Until, one day, that I felt the call of the island where my brand, Paleolochic, took a leap to expand internationally.

Our studio/workshop

The studio is placed in the old town of Palma, facing the largest tree in Majorca, where we work tirelessly to achieve our objective: to offer quality designs and a piece of the Mediterranean. An open, fluid, bright space marked by the white surfaces always in tune with the different materials: natural fibres, colourful fabrics, tools, small machinery and personal details that help us create.

From this corner of the world we create and ship our products to customers in Spain, Europe, North America and Australia… and we keep growing.