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A peek into Paleolochic studio

Have you ever wonder how is the studio where all products of Paleolochic are created?

Today I want to show you my workshop studio, where I design, make and create every collection of Paleolochic. Most of the times there is a controlled mess space but some others I have the urge to tidy up to start the creative process all over again, like a white canvas ready to be painted.


I am drive by colour, textures and elements that have an interesting “something” that catch my attention, that could be a certain combination of colours, a twist between tradition and modernity, the texture of a fabric, the natural feeling of straw and even my little helpers give me a hand when I am too serious.



I am quite an organised person but my kind of work requires a daily ongoing use of materials such as scissors, threads, fabric, cords and rope, paint, tags, etc. which they spread fast onto the table.


The main shelves are in constant change, they are in charge of holding orders, retail and wholesale, and many of the projects I am working on that certain moment.


I enjoy a lot working on my studio, I am thankful for the great vibes you can feel in it and the beautiful light that comes through the big windows along the day, when I need a break I like to drink tea and look at the biggest tree of Mallorca, which is right outside my workspace.





In some other post I will show you how is my neighbourhood, where I go for coffee and what things I love more about it.

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See you soon and thanks for reading!


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